Jacqueline Higgins Consulting

Am I the writer for you? Here is a general profile to help you answer that question:


I have written analytical papers in the fields of energy, environment and economics. I can do a great job editing for substantive and stylistic consistency, tailoring technical papers for general public consumption, writing synopses and talking points for executives.


I have been successful at writing and winning large, big budget proposals from the Federal Government,  proposals targeted to philanthropic organizations and local governments, and smaller unsolicited proposals.

Product Marketing & Communications

In the arena of marketing and advancement, I have a broad variety of experience. I have  written a major corporate qualifications statement that launched a new line of business, handled communications and correspondence between company Boards, donors and management, designed marketing brochures, developed web sites, edited résumés, and even designed invitations and fliers to fund-raising events.

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Jacqueline Higgins